Roller and Solar Shades

Roll Solar shades, or Screen Shades

Solar shades are made of mesh material designed to block most of the sunlight and damaging Ultraviolet rays while still allowing a view. Solar shades are usually purchased as roll shades but they are also available in Roman style and in panel tracks. The tightness of the weave determines how much view will pass through the shade. A 5% screen blocks 95% of direct light (and UV). Darker color shades allow a crisper view. Today's roll shades are not like the small vinyl spring roller shades of yesteryear. Today’s collections offer a wide selection of fabric textures and colors and positive chain with clutch operation!

Roman Shades

Roman shades are fabric panels that gather as they are raised. There are several styles to choose from including soft Romans, flat Romans, back pleat and front pleat styles. Harmony Blinds and Shutters offers Comfortex Romans Shades, Lee Hunt Roman Shades, Hunter Douglas Design Studio Roman Shades, and Custom Workroom Roman Shades.

If you have special requirements or want to open your choices to unlimited fabrics, our local workroom can create your personal vision!

Cellular Shades (Honeycomb Shades)

Honeycomb shades have the look of a pleated shade, and have many advantages, including hidden cords and high heat and cold insulation value due to the internal air pockets. The double-sided nature of cellular shades allows for a wide range of colors and textures to the room side with a white backing for a consistent look from the exterior. Cellular shades are an excellent choice if you have to comply with HOA requirements. Cellular Shades provide a clean, crisp style that is perfect for any décor! 

Honeycomb shades are also available vertical versions for slider doors and for skylights.

Woven Wood Shades (Natural Shades)

Woven wood shades are made out of reeds, grasses and other natural materials and are lifted in a “Roman shade” fashion (shades gather at the top as they are raised). Woven shades can be lined or unlined.

Woven shades are generally offered in two styles. 

  • “Standard” style has the woven fabric cascading off of the back of the headrail with a matching valance attached in front of the headrail to hide the pulleys. 

  • “Waterfall” style is made with the fabric cascading off of the front of the headrail with no valance. Woven shades are an environmentally friendly choice, since they are made from renewable resources and are bio-degradable!

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